About Us

Shelly is a Clinical Pharmacist who also has degrees in Biology and Anthropology and Frank is a retired college professor whose PhD is in Cultural Anthropology. His research area was Latin America, so it was especially fitting that we chose our cattery name to relate to both our chocolate cats and our educational background.


We are located in Auburn, Alabama. We acquired our first Havana Brown in 2007, and our second one only 3 short months later. That second Havana Brown, GC RW Blakewood Puttin’ontheRitz of Xocol went on to become our foundation stud. Our first litter was born in 2009 and we have never looked back! Our goals are to produce healthy cats with excellent disposition who also meet the breed standard for the Havana Brown as defined by CFA .   We breed for the show ring and have produced many Grand Champions, several Regional Winners, 4 Breed Winners and a National Winner.

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